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Sebastian H.D. FiedlerI am playing around with the Fargo outliner. Apparently it can be used to interface with WordPress sites. I have always liked to do structured writing in outliners. Especially for Web publishing. The old Radio Userland plus Manila Frontier combo was a pretty cool setup. One could edit good part of a Manila website through the Radio outline interface. Nothing that came after this could quite live up to this user experience.

Well, Fargo might bring some of that old workflow back. It is all OPML based and makes some clever use of the Dropbox infrastructure. It sure looks very interesting so far.

What I find missing right now is…

  • separate WP blog interface settings per outline
  • collaborative editing of one single outline
  • (I am sure that list will grow when I play around a bit more…)

If you have never worked with dedicated outliners before than the following description from Dave Winer (one of the guys behind the Fargo outliner) provides a pretty nice summary:

An outliner is a text editor that organizes information in a hierarchy, allowing users to control the level of detail and to reorganize according to structure. Your notes can have full detail, yet be organized so a casual reader can get a quick overview. Outlining is a great way for teams to organize work…

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