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Sebastian Fiedler …is the title of the book that recently arrived in my mailbox. Unfortunately, Amazon had packed it so sloppily that it looks like somebody has driven a truck over it. Damned.

The book holds a recent collection of contributions to the Helsinki flavour of Activity Theory, edited by Annalisa Sannino, Harry Danies, and Kris Gutierrez (2009). Since I have spent a good part of last summer studying a wide selection of works in this area, it seems an appropriate extension of my growing literature collection in this area.

While I have high respect for some core notions, perspectives, and the general approach promoted by this school of thought, I still struggle with some of the conceptual fuzziness that one encounters in the available literature.

I guess I will start my reading with Yrjö Engeström‘s chapter titled “The future of Activity Theory: A Rough Draft” to get an idea where he sees things going at the moment…

[Sebastian Fiedler]