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Sebastian H.D. Fiedler Together with Dr. Emanuele Bardone and Dr. Terje Väljataga we received funding through the BEST programme at Tallinn University for the design of a “course” offer titled “Developing Personal Learning Environments for Professional Growth”.

We plan to address the following issues and topics:

  • the unfolding transformation of work and learning within the creative economy
  • the rising role of networked autodidaxy and personal learning
  • chance seeking and its digital mediation
  • the importance of the tacit dimension in work and learning
  • the role of orientation knowledge in professional practice
  • making use of digital, networked instruments for the mediation of professional development and learning

This project is part of the joint activities that we are developing in the context of the Creative Economy Research Collective (CERcoll) We will eventually run this course (code KAV7100) starting in February 2014 through the Institute of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University.

Sebastian H.D. Fiedler I have just learned that Hariduse Infotehnoloogia Sihtasutuse (HITSA) will financially support my course design project “Field research methods in HCI” under their Tiger University Programme. The proposed course will eventually become part of the newly formed Master Degree Programme “Human Computer Interaction” (in English) at the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University, Estonia.

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Sebastian Fiedler The Estonian Research Council (Eesti Teadusagentuur) has granted me a PostDoc Research Fellowship under their Mobilitas/ESF programme.
The Fellowship will be hosted by the HTK Centre of Educational Technology at the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University.

I will soon write more about the actual project that I proposed to carry out.