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Calls for participation

This conference provides a forum for the discussion of how to critically study social media and their relevance for critique, democracy, politics and philosophy in 21st century information society.

We are living in times of global capitalist crisis. In this situation, we are witnessing a return of critique in the form of a surging interest in critical theories (such as the critical political economy of Karl Marx, critical theory, etc) and revolutions, rebellions, and political movements against neoliberalism that are reactions to the commodification and instrumentalization of everything. On the one hand there are overdrawn claims that social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, mobile Internet, etc) have caused rebellions and uproars in countries like Tunisia and Egypt, which brings up the question to which extent these are claims are ideological or not. On the other hand, the question arises what actual role social media play in contemporary capitalism, power structures, crisis, rebellions, uproar, revolutions, the strengthening of the commons, and the potential creation of participatory democracy. The commodification of everything has resulted also in a commodification of the communication commons, including Internet communication that is today largely commercial in character. The question is how to make sense of a world in crisis, how a different future can look like, and how we can create Internet commons and a commons-based participatory democracy…

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Sebastian Fiedler The deadline for the submission of abstract is February 29, 2012.

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This interdisciplinary conference aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of interactive collaborative learning. Therefore pilot projects, applications and products will also be welcome…

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Sebastian Fiedler Deadline for submissions is April 23, 2012.

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EERA, European Educational Research Association and the University of Cadiz, Spain, invite Educational Researchers to participate in and to submit proposals for the European Conference on Educational Research 2012.
The conference theme “The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All” will provide a focus for the keynote addresses and for other invited events. It may also be taken as a reference within the conference sessions organised by the EERA networks. However, proposals for contributions are welcome from all fields of educational research.

Participants are invited to hand in up to two abstracts for papers, posters, workshops, round tables and symposia. All proposals must be handed in electronically via the online submission form. PhD students and emerging researchers are especially invited to participate in the Emerging Researchers’ Conference by submitting proposals to the Emerging Researchers’ Group…

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Sebastian Fiedler The deadline for submissions is 01 February 2012. Review results are expected by 01 April 2012.

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INTED2012 will be an International Forum for those who wish to present their projects and innovations, having also the opportunity to discuss the main aspects and the latest results in the field of Education and Research.

The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Education and Research in all educational fields and disciplines. The attendance of more than 700 delegates from 70 different countries is expected…

[INTED 2012 conference website]

Sebastian Fiedler The deadline for submitting abstracts is November 24th, 2011.

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The EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology is an international conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications/distance education.

[Ed-Media 2012 Website]

Sebastian Fiedler The submission deadline for this first call is: December 12, 2011. If you cannot meet that deadline… don’t despair. Usually, Ed-Media also issues a second call.

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The conference will provide a platform to network with global and national policy makers; as well as individuals working and/or interested in international education, including Vice-Chancellors, international directors and officers, academics, researchers, consultants, media, private agents and government agencies.

The programme is currently under development. If you are interested in taking part please see our call for proposals or our promotional opportunities.

The programme will include a series of plenary and parallel sessions, workshops, poster presentations, networking events and an accompanying exhibition…

[Going Global 2012 Website]

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Deadline for submitting proposals: September 16, 2011

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CSEDU 2011, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education, aims at becoming a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education, using computers. In particular, the Web is currently a preferred medium for distance learning and the learning practice in this context is usually referred to as e-learning. CSEDU 2011 is expected to give an overview of the state of the art as well as upcoming trends, and to promote discussion about the pedagogical potential of new learning and educational technologies in the academic and corporate world…

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Deadline for submitting position papers: January 4, 2011

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ED-MEDIA–World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications is an international conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications/distance education…

[Ed-Media 2011 Website]

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The submission deadline for this first call is: December 17. 2010

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CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) is one of the leading international conferences in the field of education and technology. It brings together researchers across all education sectors, from primary years, to informal learning, to higher education, and across a range of disciplines from psychology to computer science, media and cultural studies.

In 2011, the conference will lead a challenging international debate about the future of research and practice in educational technology. CAL 11 aims to:

  • Explore the role of educational technology research in addressing questions of global and social justice, widening participation and digital democracy

  • Assess what role educational technology might play in the context of low carbon, energy constrained futures
  • Explore how emerging technologies from diverse fields (e.g. gaming, AI, biotech, ubiquitous computing) might offer new environments for learning
  • Examine the informal learning practices emerging in children, youth and adults’ digital cultures and their implications for education
  • Reflect on what lessons have been learned over the last thirty years of education technology research, and what these might mean for the future of research in the field.

    [The CAL Conference 2011 Website]

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Abstracts can be submitted until September 24, 2010. Details on submission formats can be found here.

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CSCL 2011 is the ninth international CSCL conference and will be held in Hong Kong on July 4-8, 2011. The conference is co-organised by the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) and Centre for Information Technology in Education of the University of Hong Kong.

CSCL conference is a major international event that gathers together people involved in all aspects of the field of technology-based collaborative learning, including research, education, training and technology. It focuses on issues related to formal and informal learning through collaboration, as the CSCL community is interested not only in tools, but also in identifying the actual educational and professional practices that are associated with their appropriate usages.

It includes a lively mix of keynotes, submitted paper sessions, submitted and invited symposia, workshops, panels, educational showcases, interactive events, posters sessions, demos and exhibitions, covering timely and important issues of interest to the community and reporting recent research findings.

CSCL 2011 invites participation from experienced as well as early career researchers, designers, educators, industrial trainers from various disciplines including education, cognitive, social and educational psychology, didactics, subject matter specialities, computer science, linguistics and semiotics, speech communication, anthropology, sociology, design, etc.

[via CSLC 2011 conference website]

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Deadline for sending in proposals is November 1. 2010. Details about possible submission formats can be found in the call for proposals.

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