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Personal Learning Environments (PLE) literature review published in eLearning Papers Issue 35

Sebastian H.D. Fiedler Our text “Personal learning environments: A conceptual landscape revisited” (pdf) has just been published as part of eLearning PapersIssue 35 Personal Learning Environments. The issue was edited by Ilona Buchem (Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin) and Tapio Koskinen (Aalto University, Helsinki).

This paper reports on a renewed attempt to review and synthesise a substantial amount of research and development literature on Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) published in recent years. Earlier comprehensive review efforts (Buchem, Attwell, & Torres, 2011; Fiedler & Väljataga, 2011) had attested considerable conceptual differences within the research community. If and how these differences have qualitatively changed since 2010, is the focus of an ongoing literature review project. While the project is still work in progress, some provisional findings and insights are reported and discussed.


Buchem, I., Attwell, G., & Torres, R. (2011), Understanding personal learning environments: Literature review and synthesis through the Activity Theory lens. PLE Conference 2011.

Fiedler, S.H.D., & Väljataga, T. (2013). Personal learning environments: A conceptual landscape revisited. eLearning Papers (35), 1-16.

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