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On education systems in the creative economy

“Rather than understanding learning in terms of fixed objects that are transferred from one generation to the next, we need to begin to design educational systems that support knowledge and learning in terms of continuous cultural innovation. Education systems designed for industrial societies do not effectively harness the liquidity of creative innovation because they are too centralized. Transferring a fixed body of knowledge and practices from experts to amateurs is contradictory to an economy increasingly dependent on continuous flows of design and innovation. Allowing students to combine and blend cultural flows as a part of the larger continuum of cultural production is now fundamental to reconfiguring learning and education…” (p. 18)


Araya, D. (2010). Educational policy in the creative economy. In D. Araya & M.A. Peters (Eds.), Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and learning in the age of innovation (pp. 3-28). New York: Peter Lang.