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Technology-enhanced professional learning book goes into production

Sebastian H.D. Fiedler I have just learned that the Technology-enhanced professional learning: Processes, practices, and tools is going into production. This book is edited by Professor Allison Littlejohn and Dr. Anoush Margaryan from the Caledonian Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, and published by Routledge. I contributed commentary chapter 5 and co-authored chapter 10 with Dr. Terje Väljataga.

Technology-Enhanced Professional Learning addresses the need for continuous workplace learning that derives from the emergence of new, specialized, and constantly changing work practices. While continuous learning is fundamental to enabling individuals to function in and productively shape contemporary workplaces, digital technology is increasingly central to productive workplace practice. By examining the intersection of human learning processes, emergent work practices, and patterns of use of digital technology to support learning and work, this edited collection brings the disparate fields of professional learning and technology-enhanced learning together to advance theory and practice in both realms.

[via Routledge Website]

Congratulations to Allison, Anoush and their team for getting this publishing project together. Well done!