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On metaphorising creativity as production

“The philosophical discourse metaphorizing creativity as production sees creativity as manifest in the concrete object-related activities of human labor, which brings forward someting new into the world. Since creativity is here seen as the essential spirit of human life, human labor is not only the process of creating values and commodities but also the manifestation of human beings’ vital powers: We create ourselves through labor with an innate desire to work, to labor, to learn, or to create as a driving force. I objectify my individuality through my labor since I in my production enjoy both my life and its visible products. I will also enjoy the fact that you use and enjoy my products. Thus, I will receive recognition when you are recognizing the products of my work. Consequently, in my individual labor, I confirm and realize my human nature, which is a communal, social nature. By implication, a product of human labor is also a productive society, a creative community, or fruitful learning culture…” (p. 628)


Strand, T. (2010). Beyond education: Metaphors on creative and workplace learning. In D. Araya & M.A. Peters (Eds.), Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and learning in the age of innovation (pp. 613-632). New York: Peter Lang.