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2nd Multidisciplinary Summer School on Design as Inquiry

Sebastian H.D. Fiedler Looks like I will be participating in the 2nd Multidisciplinary Summer School on Design as Inquiry in Helsinki in June. The summer school is organized by the ERASMUS-LLP-Project “Creating Knowledge through Design & Conceptual innovation” and is hosted at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The organisers describe the focus of the event in the following words:

This year’s Summer School is devoted to the design challenge of “How to design spaces that encourage active engagement?” Whether we want to learn, discuss, care for each other & our surroundings, or simply have fun, the respective social encounters are enabled but also shaped by the spaces available to us. Space is not limited to physical space, but includes mental, social, cultural… as well as virtual space. We see ourselves as creators of space as well as influenced by the culturally evolved space and its underlying practices.

In the Summer School we would like to approach the design challenge from different perspectives, bringing together ideas from practitioners, teachers, students and researchers. This allows us to collaboratively work through all phases of Design as Inquiry in order to experience and reflect the approach…

[Knowlege through design Website]

Dr. Emanuele Bardone with whom I am in the process of developing a research collaboration at Tallinn University is going to be one of the key-note speakers in Helsinki. Nice. I guess this means I won’t have to ride that Helsinki ferry alone…