Paper accepted for ICALT 2011

Sebastian Fiedler

Our paper “Expanding the concept of learner control in higher education: challenges for intervention design” has been accepted for ICALT 2011 in Athens, GA, USA. This submission was co-authored with Terje Väljataga from Tallinn University.

It would be an excellent opportunity to re-visit Athens, the UGA, and its Instructional Technology unit. Well, a long time has passed since I graduated there. We shall see…

[Sebastian Fiedler]

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  1. Nancy Merbitz said:

    Hi –
    I read an article about the work of Peter Kruse and was of course immediately struck with its indebtedness to George Kelly. In googling for anything about this, I found your tweet pointing this out. Then I looked further, and you’ll be happy to see on (German translated to English) Wikipedia that he does explicitly point to PCP and Kelly in his training and current work. Yea!